The Stream Educational Network is an independent educational network initiated by experienced educationists with more than thirty years of service in the field of education and experience of launching and successfully running a franchise school system. This new venture is the product of our experience blended with our research on the emerging concepts in education. The concept of STREAM —Science, Technology, Reading / Writing, Engineering, Art and Mathematics — is founded on action-based entrepreneurship education which is novel in Pakistan.


Empowering the generations for bringing about a change through skill-based education


The Mission of The Stream Educational Network is to actualize the hidden potentials of the young people to meet the challenges of the economic driven global culture and to prepare them to be true entrepreneurs in their lives when they complete their education.


  • Respect
  • Forbearance
  • Patriotism • Integrity

Core Purpose

To transform lives for the benefit of society

Objectives of Stream Educational Network

  • To introduce a curriculum based on integrated and interdisciplinary approach
  • To help young people actualize their potentials
  • To train the students to seek self-employment
  • To develop a nation baseson self reliance
  • To prepare the students for a variety of professions
  • To input quality education based on moral values and ethics
  • To train the students to respect diversity, religions, casts and creeds